How to become an inspiring, effective and authentic leader?

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'Personal Leadership'

This course is specially put together to help you reconnect with yourself, providing you with insights and practical tools to make sure you get the most out of both your personal and professional life. Learn how to re-energise your body and mind. And walk away with clarity on your purpose, dreams and vision and next steps. Engage in dialogue with other leaders. Benefit from curated weekly conversations, to share and discuss practices and create new knowledge.

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Do you often ask yourself... do I become an inspiring, effective and authentic leader? can I cope with pressures and setbacks? can I deal with fear of conflict? can I be better at managing my team and myself? can I increase the team spirit? do I improve teamwork? And find new ways to work together? do I become better at giving and receiving feedback?

Then it is time to start working on personal leadership. Because most of the work is not in what you see, but what happens inside. Under water.

Reclaim your Leadership Flow!

  • Get insights into effective leadership behaviour with real life examples in easy to understand language.
  • What do your next 3 years look like? Get clarity on your purpose in life (and how to live it) with a personal action plan.
  • Join weekly live sessions with a group of likeminded professionals and Kristina as your leadership coach.
  • Learn how to make better decisions faster in your personal life and at work.
  • Learn how to increase proactivity, motivation and trust in your team by being yourself.

About Zumflow

We have supported global and local organisations with leadership development, training and coaching for 20+ years. During these years we have encountered leaders and teams facing many recurring challenges. It has inspired us to design this course for you.

"The combination of easy to follow and practical videos, group sessions and small breakout rooms gives an incredible depth to the content. It is eyeopening, confrontational and super inspirational. I highly recommend it to anyone wherever you are in life, there is so much more to learn and explore in each of us!"

// Bart Breider, Head of Retail Technology, PvH

"As a newer leader in my organization, this course has helped me to find my authentic confidence in how I lead. It provides supportive frameworks in how to balance and reflect in how you show up everyday."

// Brittany Varriano, Director Business Operations

"The live sessions where the highlight of the past few weeks. Kristina manages to bring a very inspiring group of people together, challenges us all to open up and share learnings. This training gave me the right tools and a lot of helpful insights to become a better version of myself. To become a better leader. This was a life changing experience."

// Marloes van Kooten, Vice President Supply Value Chain Digital Transformation, PVH Europe

"I've worked with Kristina on multiple settings. She consistently enables you to have clearer directions on next steps, happier relationships, better boundaries and better understanding of your purpose."

// Daniela Weitmann, Industry Head at Meta

"Kristina’s coaching style is honest, empowering and always with a focus to really develop everyone involved. Her work with the team helped not only short term, but long term as we have the tools to use to go forward."

// Victoria Earl, Vice President Procurement at PvH Europe - Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

"I was able to identify what is important to me and how to articulate this."

// Mike Brinkhof, Director of Supply Chain, YETI
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Inside the Personal Leadership course

This course is specially put together to help you reconnect with yourself, providing you with insights and practical tools to make sure you get the most out of both your personal and professional life. You will discover ways to re-energise your body and mind. And walk away with clarity on your purpose, dreams and vision and next steps.

Getting started

Introducing you to the set up of this 5 week course with video content, weekly virtual zoom sessions, reflection material and journaling.

Part 1: Your compass

What are your personal and professional dreams? Are you clear on your vision and your purpose? Get ready to open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Part 2: Dive deeper

Dive beneath the surface to learn how to stay curious and open, starting with identifying what values will guide you in the next chapter of your life. 

Part 3: Supercharge

How can you live and lead with more energy? Learn how to take care of yourself through inner work.

Part 4: Self-discovery

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and explore what’s holding you back from fulfilling your true potential. 

Part 5: Moving forwards

What are the things you would like to change in your life? Move forwards by setting clear goals and create a strategy to achieve them. 

Tune in whenever and wherever it suits you best
Weekly live sessions

Join weekly live sessions with a group of likeminded professionals. Sessions will be available to watch afterwards.

4-5 new videos every week

You will have access to 4-5 new videos every week. Reflect on these topics using your personal journal.

1 year full access

You get 1 year full access to the training material and videos. Even after the course is completed.

Inside the Ripple Effect course

This course is specially put together to help you connect with others. By helping and motivating others to grow, you too evolve and develop yourself. This is your ripple effect. Being aware of your actions and the effect your behaviour has on others is key in this course.

Getting started

Introducing you to the set up of this 4 week course with video content, weekly virtual zoom sessions, reflection material and journaling.

Part 1: Awareness

Certain behaviours or mindsets disrupt our relationships with others. And they don't really serve us in the long run. How can you be more aware of unproductive behaviour and in turn help change any situation into a win-win for everyone?

Part 2: Evolve

Discover how you can open up to make conscious decisions to get unstuck, looking at any given situation. Improve your connection with others and evolve as a leader by fully engaging and listening.

Part 3: Good vibes

Find out how you can tap into the good vibes and how it can change your life in a really positive way. Take the time to recognise the good in others because often it's not what you are looking at that matters but what you see.

Part 4: Unlock creativity

How can we make it easier for ourselves to understand the complexity of everyday life, and allow for creativity to flow? Explore the need to control and why saying no can sometimes be a real release. Here we show you how to lead from a place of connecting with your values, purpose and the bigger picture and how daring to show your vulnerability can help in your relationships with others.

A few words from your predecessors...

How I managed my own limiting beliefs

My dyslexia was only diagnosed at University because prior to that I somehow managed to not be elligable for extra support. I often felt stupid and not intelligent enough. I have had to work hard on managing these limiting beliefs so that they wouldn’t take over my thoughts and hold me back. I struggled with French and German in school and was convinced I was bad at languages.

"I learnt Dutch in one year."

Because of love I ended up moving to Holland when I was 26. I really wanted to integrate and learn Dutch. At this age I was old enough to decide myself how I wanted to learn the language. I did it for myself and not for a grade at school. I learnt Dutch in one year. I can speak, understand and read it fluently but still not write it and that works just fine for me. I now see my children going through the same struggle at school and it’s a shame the system hasn’t changed a lot in 30+ years.

"This course is suitable for everyone.”

My team and I have worked on this leadership course with short microlearning courses that have subtitles. Very suitable for everyone including people with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, reduce vision or hearing.


// Kristina Zumpolle

Become a better leader for yourself, your team and your company

Personal Leadership


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  • 30 video + 14 audio lessons
  • 15 reflection documents
  • Virtual zoom sessions every week with Kristina
  • Personal action plan
  • 1 year access to training material
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The Ripple Effect


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  • 23 video lessons
  • 10 reflection documents
  • Virtual zoom sessions every week with Kristina
  • Bonus exercise for teams
  • 1 year access to training material
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Personal Leadership & The Ripple Effect


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  • All 53 video + 14 audio lessons
  • Virtual zoom sessions every week with Kristina
  • Both personal and team exercises
  • 1 year access to training material
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